Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly Lodging at Sleeping Sea

We do allow pets, but not in all of our vacation rentals. Be sure to let us know during the booking process that you would like to travel with your pet. There is an additional pet fee and the pet policy must be strictly adhered to. Unannounced pets can not and will not be accepted. Unfortunately due to increasing pet incidents in our vacation rentals we are being more selective with pets staying on the property. Not all pets may be accepted. Room availability and pet fee is based on the size and breed of dog. Please contact us for more details.

Click Here to Download Our Pet Policy (PDF)

Guests are liable for all damages caused by their pets.

You're responsible for the full replacement value of furnishings or cost of repair to surfaces and other property damaged by your pet.

Dogs may NOT be left unattended in the rental.

No matter how well behaved, a dog in an unfamiliar place may not behave as usual. Excessive barking/crying is uncomfortable to fellow guests and dogs are liable to cause damages.

Keep your pet off all furnishings and beds.

Embedded fur and stains are difficult to clean. Additional cleaning fees will apply.

Please bring your own dog crate and/or bed.

This will assure that your dog has a soft place to sleep that is not on your room’s beds.

Please wipe paws etc… after playing outside.

Bring your doggie towels to clean up before they enter the home.

Please pick up after your dog.

Do not put leave poop on trails or in gardens. Remove poop from the property or discard it in the woods away from paths and gardens (no plastic bags, even compostable ones). Please do not leave it in trash receptacles in your room.

Please keep your dog on a leash while walking around the properties.

There is an off-leash park in Eastsound and Friday Harbor as well. Please keep your dog out of the garden beds.

Do not allow your dog to chase or harass other animals.

Animals have the “right of way.”