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All About Sleeping Sea

In 1997 Shana decided the back and forth between the city and the island was enough. It was time to make it permanent. She towed us (her three kids) kicking and screaming on to the ferry in the 1980 blue Volvo station wagon, bought new one week before my sister was born. We've grown up now (depending on who you ask) and I know we can all call ourselves islanders. But first we are a family. We're a family pulling together, filled with a love for each other and a passion for this land. We've always sought to be just a little bit different and always ourselves. Three generations of our family are involved in the daily operations. We each have our story as you do yours and in typical fashion there is nothing typical to it. In the year 2003 Shana purchased the Beach House as her eventual retirement home while us kids continue to run the farm. The Beach House is a place where the sounds of the lapping water and tranquil environment lull you to sleep. It is the seaside at it's best and it is pure bliss. Turns out Shana is not quite ready to retire full time yet as she loves her farm animals. The Beach House became a vacation rental for others to enjoy the beauty of Orcas Island on the beach. Come and visit!